About the project
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About the project it is a game simulator of a Mining farm, which allows you to earn and withdraw real money from the project. To earn money, the player needs to buy video cards for their own farm, thereby increasing the profit according to the marketing tariff plans.

Revenue on the project

All earned money is immediately available for withdrawal according to the project rules. You also don't need to invite referrals to be able to withdraw funds. We do not limit your earnings to specific amounts or time intervals. You can withdraw money to both e-wallets and Bank cards.

Partner program

All project users can participate in the partner program. We have a 3-level system of deductions. We pay 6% of top-UPS to level 1 players you invite, 3% to level 2 players, and 1% to level 3 players. All money received from the partner program is credited to the account for withdrawal.

Project marketing

Below you can see the marketing of the project and find out the cost, rate of earnings, and monthly profitability of a certain game plan. All figures are shown without bonuses and various contests.

Nvidia 560
Cost500 KV
Payback50 days
Speed0.40 KV/hour
Nvidia 650 Ti
Cost5000 KV
Payback45 days
Speed4.40 KV/hour
Nvidia 750 Ti
Cost10000 KV
Payback45 days
Speed9.30 KV/hour
950 Ti
Cost35000 KV
Payback35 days
Speed41.70 KV/hour
Radeon 1070
Cost50000 KV
Payback30 days
Speed69.40 KV/hour
Canaan Creative Avalon 6
Cost75000 KV
Payback30 days
Speed104.20 KV/hour
1070 Ti
Cost100000 KV
Payback26 days
Speed160.00 KV/hour
Radeon 1080
Cost300000 KV
Payback24 days
Speed516.70 KV/hour
Cost500000 KV
Payback24 days
Speed868.10 KV/hour
1080 Ti
Cost600000 KV
Payback21 days
Speed1190.50 KV/hour
Innosilicon A5 DashMaster
Cost700000 KV
Payback20 days
Speed1458.30 KV/hour
Baikal Giant
Cost1000000 KV
Payback14 days
Speed2976.20 KV/hour
Baikal Giant +
Cost1500000 KV
Payback12 days
Speed5208.30 KV/hour
* Payback - the period after which the "KV" spent on the purchase of a video card will be earned by the user during the game .