About the project
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contact email: [email protected]//

Be sure to enter your username in the game, without a username questions are not considered

Technical support is available from 10 to 23 hours

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  • What are the ways to earn money in the Criptius project?
    The main type of earnings comes from the purchase of video cards (game plans) and the development of your farm. For more information, see the section "about the project". We also have pay-per-view surfing and a great affiliate program.
  • How often can the project be restarted or reset?
    NEVER! Thanks to our innovative system of financial regulation, the project is working steadily!
  • How can I top up my balance or withdraw money from a project?
    You can top up your balance using: Yandex Money, QIWI Wallet, PAYEER, Perfect Money, Bank cards, terminals, mobile payments, etc.
    All payments are made automatically on: Yandex Money, QIWI Wallet, PAYEER, Perfect Money.
  • Do you have an partner program?
    Yes there is. We have an partner program (up to the third level of referrals). All money in the partner program is credited to the withdrawal and immediately available for withdrawal.